A complete AI system to analyze commercial spaces
and create smart office layouts

Collect, analyze spaces and create test fits for commercial properties
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Floor plan
* Only one plan on the image, JPG or PNG format, clear as possible
How it works
We are developing an AI-driven solution to analyze commercial spaces, testfit generation model and create 3D floor plan with furniture arrangement. AI makes all this work faster and clearer, using client data and parameters of the space.
Upload a floor plan

Analyze and summarize all information about space
AI testfit generation and reports
Export for tour books and embedding

A complete way to know all about a commercial space
Full analyze the floor plan and returns all necessary information.
Save and export options.

AI-driven test fit generation model
Setup client parameters
Customize a measurement options
Get various test fits with all statistic

Report, export and embedding options
Generate testfit, based on client needs
Export a beautiful reports for tour books