City-scale Augmented Reality
Presentation for Dubai DED
Citizens are ready to implement digital cities
Last years, companies such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Apple have increased their time and investments in augmented reality. Who own digital twin of the city - gain access for services of the next big media channel.
City-scale AR is a new layer of digital and physical interplay
Digital layer is renewable dimensional copy of real city stored in a cloud and accessible for citizens.
It’s a new way for communication between people, the city, and growing information flow.
City of the future shaping users digital habit
City-scale AR requires unique approach to engage people with a space

Bridge between physical and digital layers
Different ways to use it:
AR enriches a tourism experience
City scale AR creates a different entertainment scenarios by using augmented reality to engage people and give them a great ‘phygital’ view
Advertisements will overlay the physical world and live in a digital layer.
People around will have augmented reality experience to get a reliable notification and personalized proposals directly with space context.
Digital city required for the navigation of the future.
Precise tracking and simultaneous localization impossible without digital context and sensors.
Key digital infrastructure for self-driving vehicles.
Digital city increases the level of autonomy helping to better understand the environment and improve positioning.
City-scale AR required precise point cloud
Future city operations needs to have a Digital layer

Arhead deeptech solution create renewable digital copy of the city
State of the art technologies digitize the city from big highways to tiny alleys
How It Works
Unique software creates a very precise 3D model of the city based on stereo videos or LiDAR
Processing and storing
Digital copy of the city based on point cloud stored in a cloud and combining with spatial data
AR experience
Tourism and advertisement, city service and navigation - gain access to all possibilities with digital city
Video-based technology to digitize a city
It allows to create, operate and update the digital city easily without expensive hardware and additional costs.

Cameras can be mounted on any vehicles which bring rich area coverage.
App where Citizens become creators of the Digital city
Local-scale solution for indoor, pedestrian and hard-to-reach places
Cameras can be mounted on any vehicles which bring rich area coverage.

citizen = creator

Let the people use their phones to add and update the digital city, interact with the new digital city layer.

Enrich their experience by using immersive actions in any city location.
Arhead technology test scanning in Dubai
Digital layer will play a significant role in the city of the future
Arhead team provide a unique solution to service city and build the best communication between citizen, state and commercial infrastructure
Arhead is a team of passioned professionals focused specifically on digital city of the future. We are deeptech company developing all required technology stack by using unique skills.
Start from 2012 we are pushing forward AR and spatial digital architecture as a next computing platform. Years of experience allow us to find a basic needs for city of the future.
Our vision is to build and service digital infrastructure of future cities. We developing solution for tomorrow to work with city of today.